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Here's what you get:
  1. Inbox Respect - I refuse to engage your precious attention more than twice a month.
  2. Real Talk - No sugar coating here, and no attempt to generate FOMO or envy in readers' hearts.
  3. Travel Secrets - like how to get 12 free flights in a year, and how to travel on $600 a month.
  4. Mishaps - like how I ended up on an erupting volcano, and how I recovered my backpack from Bolivian thieves. 
  5. The Cost of 2 Years of RTW Travel - the freebie pdf you get after confirming sign up.
  6. Ridiculous Photos + Captions - this is my favorite part of posting new words on Half the Clothes.  E.g.:

"Fear not!  I will save you from attention fracturing, rookie travel mistakes, and boredom!"
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